March 18, 2015

Brain Gym® 104 – a Level 100 Course – No Pre-requisites apply

Brain Gym® 104 is new 2 day course that replaces Brain Gym in the Classroom. Brain Gym 104 is an introduction into the Brain Gym movement based sensorimotor learning program.

When the brain and body work together in cooperation, the learner can move with confidence between what they know and what they are in the process of learning. Freeing up the body to move and stimulating the nervous system to integrate the body and brain for quality performance is the basis of the Brain Gym® program.

In the Brain Gym® 104 course you will learn:
PACE – 4 movements to get ready for learning

The Brain Gym 26 Movements

  • Application to the physical skills of learning
  • The basic versions, variations and applications for the classroom
  • The 4 categories of the 26 movements as they relate to the 3 dimensions of movement: Left to Right, Up to Down and Front to Back

Noticing for self awareness

The Learning Flow – the 4 Brain Gym States of Learning and how they can be used in the classroom

The Five Principles of Movement-Based Learning


1. 27 & 28 April

2. 22 & 23 June

3. 10 & 11 August

FEE: Earlybird: $300 when paid in full one month before course starts

        Full Fee:    $330

VENUE: Box Hill / Ringwood

ACCREDITED: Breakthroughs International and Brain Gym Australia

Results noticed by teachers using Brain Gym on a regular basis.

  • Improved concentration.
  • Better “attacking” skills.
  • Handwriting shows marked improvement following Brain Gym.
  • Writing shows more fluency, evenness and pencil grip relaxed.
  • Independence; children do own Brain Gym as required.
  • Children more settled and focused.
  • Improved standard of work.
  • PACE after every break helps to settle children down and prepare them for work.
  • Oral reading exercises for the reluctant/slower reader also helps with their fluency.
  • Hook Ups is an easy way to begin to teach relaxation techniques.
  • Children stay on task longer.
  • Improved work ethic.
  • Children can see the value of the exercises for themselves.
  • Children who become over stressed/focused can be directed to Brain Gym to regain their “peace” so they can deal with the problem in a more positive way.
  • Improves teacher productivity.
  • Children and teacher are more relaxed and focused.

Some comments from Teachers who have attended Brain Gym in the Classroom with Julie Gunstone:

“The course was enriching and valuable and will help me with life. I now have the ability to achieve the goals I set in life.”
“Some thought provoking information. Great hands on stuff to use. Actually felt revived by the end of the session.”
“This is a great course, anxious to put it into practice. Wish the course could have been longer.”
“Very practical, has direct implications for classroom teaching. I can see that it will be beneficial for my students.”




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