March 17, 2015


The Visioncircles course is a 32-hour course that explores becoming aware of how we see by observing our own actions. Visioncircles is an opportunity to explore your visual, auditory and sensory awareness through movement, play, art and the Edu-K balance process.


– Vision Gym, 32 movements and further applications for Brain Gym movements for integrating sensory awareness, memory and information processing.

– The eight Visioncircles and their role in our development stages.

  • Observer – the space to learn
  • Animator – the space to move
  • Resonator – the space to listen
  • Nurturer – the space to grow
  • Builder – the space to create
  • Internaliser – the space within
  • Communicator – the space to relate
  • Synergist – the space to see

– Balances for each circle and the Visioncircles Balance.


Pre-requisite: Brain Gym 101

Visioncircles is an elective course in the Professional Training track to become a qualified Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant and is accredited with Brain Gym International, Brain Gym Australia and the Australian Kinesiology Association.


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