March 17, 2015



“Julie’s wealth of knowledge, clear teaching style and awareness of students’ needs makes any course she teaches, a delight.” Mary Nicholls, Brain Gym(R) Instructor/Consultant, Educational Kinesiologist


“Fantastic Instructor, amazing course and application is endless! A must for parents, teachers or anyone working with children.” Steven Tsang – student

“I arrived on the first day my head was like a fog, I couldn’t focus or listen. By the end of the first day I was amazed to find the head fog had cleared. I could focus, listen and learn.” Sue Lyons, BG Consultant, Rosebud

Double Doodle Play

“My 5yr old and I did this one together.  She loved double doodle play and talked about it for months.  Great activity to do with your children.” Sue Lyons, BG Consultant, Rosebud


“Julie’s experience in this area and her way of teaching helps a lot with the understanding of this course. Highly recommended after BG101!”  Steven Tsang – student


“I really enjoyed learning Edu-K in Depth with Julie. The course is well structured, easy to follow and is full of great balances that I can now do with my clients as well as on myself. Julie is a “funtastic” teacher.  I highly recommend this course.”    
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 Kinesiologist Melbourne Bayside

“I have learnt from Julie over many years and have found her teaching to be excellent.  I have been able to implement the In-Depth course into my practice since 1999 with great results.” Tracey Tinker Kinesiologist and Nutritionist

“We were honoured that she came so far to teach the course in Peru, it was a great experience for everyone who attended. She complimented everything we had learned in: BG101, Optimal Brain Organization, Physiology and Touch for Health. Her teachings and experience left an imprint on our brains and in our hearts. Thanks Julie”. Luz Marina Munoz, Teacher.


“Every day, I returned to my family with an enthusiastic smile, a clear perspective of my future as a Music Educator and Educational Kinesiologist. I really appreciated the extra materials that Julie provided so that everybody’s learning style was honoured.” Shancel Leacy, student

“Julie Gunstone presented Visioncircles with her usual professionalism and flair.  She used anecdotes to enrich the content, which in itself was presented with accurate neurological information, both thorough and interesting.  Her method of teaching is always from the heart and through play, which as we know, is the only way we learn.”  Marguerite Wetton, BAHdipEdPg, Steiner Ed, Montessori Ed, Dip Hom, Massage, RASA reflexology

“My experience of the vision circles course with Julie Gunstone was a life changing experience. Julie provided a nurturing, accepting environment filled with fun and joy. She is empowering and brings out the best in everyone.

People feel safe to move forward and explore. I felt supported and cared for as I experimented with my vision and kinesthetic awareness. It was truly a healing journey. Julie also provided extra materials which were extremely helpful for home study and motivated me to take more risks in my life as I understood at a cognitive level what I was experiencing.”

Jayne Bernstam, Educational Kinesiologist, Learning Consultant, Biomedical Therapist

Visioncircles Teacher Training

“I was left competent to teach the program systematically and uplifted by the experience.  Being with Julie in Brain Gym (R) classes is like going on a spring break:  lots of laughter, play, rest, integration and knowledge as a worthy by product. I highly commend her as a facilitator of this and other Brain Gym (R) courses.”    Marguerite Wetton, BAHdipEdPg, Steiner Ed, Montessori Ed,Dip Hom, Massage, RASA reflexology


“I really enjoyed the two courses I did with Julie and learnt a lot about Brain Gym. In the In Depth course I really learned tons of things, specially because the way Julie teaches is amazing, she really makes sure that we all understand the information, the resources she uses are crystal clear for all of us. I was very lucky because I also took the Practicum course with her that was an incredible experience I´ll never forget. Julie was confident that I was ready to become a Brain Gym instructor.

During the two courses Julie was not only a teacher, she was also a friend and as such, really cares and is willing to share all her vast knowledge. If I may recommend someone to take a Brain Gym course, without a doubt I will recommend Julie”

Bernarda Calisto

School Teacher, Brain Gym and OBO Instructor

What Clients have Said:

“Brain Gym has given me an immediate and sustained improvement on my golf. My score immediately decreased by 10 shots.” Rod, Graphics Designer

“I do my Brain Gym before school and I can focus more than I used to and am not in my own little world anymore. I used to dread maths and now I don’t.” – Tessa, a year 7 student

“I am so relaxed in my mind when I knit and sew that I now know I can make something and it will fit, thanks to Brain Gym I’m using skills I’ve always had but am using them bette.” – Dorothy, retired businesswoman aged 70
“Becky (aged 10) became much easier to get on with – she became a lot happier and more settled and improved her learning skills.” Becky’s Parents
“I have been able to identify my fears and face them. I couldn’t swim under water and now it doesn’t worry me. I am now more aware of my body.” Helen B, Computer programmer and teacher.

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