March 18, 2015


Julie Gunstone is an Educational Kinesiologist who has been running her own practice and teaching Educational Kinesiology for the past 25 years.
She became an International Faculty member with Brain Gym® International in 1994 and was Faculty Chair from 1996 to 2014.
Julie teaches the professional Brain Gym® training track both in Australia and overseas. She also teaches introductory courses.

Julie runs The Thinking Body where she creates programs to meet the distinctive needs of adults, teenagers and children, specialist groups and the corporate sector.

Private Consultations

Julie draws on her extensive knowledge of Edu-K, including developmental movement, sensory integration, brain organisation, and body/brain coordination in her one to one sessions to create an environment where it is safe to create change in learning and living.

She uses the Edu-K balance format to assist clients to set a specific goal or something they wish to accomplish, or some potential they would like to develop. Julie then guides the client through a series of activities that are chosen to meet the specific needs that the desired goal requires.

What clients have said:
“Brain Gym has given me an immediate and sustained improvement on my golf. My score immediately decreased by 10 shots. Rod, Graphics Designer

“I do my Brain Gym before school and I can focus more than I used to and am not in my own little world anymore. I used to dread maths and now I don’t.” – Tessa, a year 7 student

“I am so relaxed in my mind when I knit and sew that I now know I can make something and it will fit, thanks to Brain Gym I’m using skills I’ve always had but am using them bette.” – Dorothy, retired businesswoman aged 70
“Becky (aged 10) became much easier to get on with – she became a lot happier and more settled and improved her learning skills.” Becky’s Parents
“I have been able to identify my fears and face them. I couldn’t swim under water and now it doesn’t worry me. I am now more awre of my body.” Helen B, Computer programmer and teacher.

Julie has received a number awards from various groups, the International Educational Kinesiology Foundation, the Fundacion Ecuador for her outstanding achievements in Edu-K as well as a humanitarian award from the Australian Kinesiology Association for her volunteer work in the Educating Ecuador program.

Julie appeared on Coxy’s Big Break. Check here to see her interview.

“With Brain Gym, what is difficult can become easy and what is easy can become even easier.” Julie Gunstone

If you would like more information on private consultations, workshops or availability for talks and demonstrations please contact:
Julie Gunstone
M: 0414 963 232