March 18, 2015

What is Brain Gym®?

Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. Brain Gym is the name given to the movement program of Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) as well as the foundation course in the Edu-K Training Program.

How is Brain Gym experienced:
1. Private consultations – go the private sessions page
2. Attending one day introductory courses – go to courses page
3. Attending the Brain Gym101 course – the first step in the professional training track. See Professional training track and courses pages

Brain Gym Movement Program
Brain Gym 101 is a gentle and energising program that creates a readiness for learning through a series of body movements designed to enhance specific skills. There are 26 specific movements to prepare the brain and entire nervous system for optimal performance in all areas: intellectual, creative, athletic and interpersonal.
The skills are easy, quick and enjoyable, and they can bring about noticeable change in skills such as writing, organising, remembering, reading, concentrating, communicating, taking action, physical coordination and more.
The Brain Gym movements have been shown in clinical experience, in field studies and in published research reports, to prepare children and adults with the physical skills they need in order to learn, write or otherwise function effectively in the classroom or workplace.
The ability to learn easily is especially important for children in the first years of school, when they are laying the foundation for their future schooling and adult life work.

Who benefits
Brain Gym is not just for people with learning difficulties. Brain Gym will help you perform any activity with ease and confidence and can create definite positive changes in your life. It is suitable for all ages.

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