March 17, 2015

VISIONCIRCLES TEACHER TRAINING – a Level 500 Course. Pre-requisites apply


The Visioncircles Teacher Training is a 32- hour course. It is the final step to qualify as a licensed Visioncircles Instructor.

It is expected that students at the Visioncircles Teacher Training course will demonstrate an understanding of the Visioncircles materials and, by the end of the course, demonstrate the ability to share this information with others.

Prior to the course you will receive information to assist you in preparing your presentations

During the Visioncircles Teacher Training you will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the Visioncircles course and practise instructing in a workshop setting.

NOTE: Should the instructor of the course consider any student lacks a basic understanding of the materials that student may be asked to do some further work before receiving their license to teach this course.

In receiving your license to teach Visioncircles you will be list your courses on the Brain Gym Australia website.


  1. Be a currently licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant
  2. Visioncircles – completed twice
  3. Creative Vision

DATES: Please send Julie an email if you are interested in attending an Visioncircles Teacher Training course.


Phone: 0414 963 232

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