March 17, 2015

BRAIN GYM TEACHER PRACTICUM – a Level 500 Course. Pre-requisites apply


The Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum is a 32- hour course. It is the final step to qualify as a licensed Brain Gym Consultant and Instructor. It is expected that students at the Practicum course will demonstrate an understanding of the Brain Gym materials and, by the end of the course, demonstrate the ability to share this information with others.

Prior to the Practicum you will receive information to assist you in preparing your presentations.

As several changes have been made over the years, it is recommended that Brain Gym instructors, who became qualified prior to 1999, repeat the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum to stay current.

During the Practicum you will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the Brain Gym 101 course and practise instructing in a workshop setting.

NOTE: Should the instructor of the course consider any student lacks a basic understanding of the materials that student may be asked to do some further work before receiving a Practicum certificate.

In receiving your Practicum Certificate you will be accepted as a member of a worldwide network of qualified Brain Gym Instructor/Consultants

As a licensed Brain Gym Instructor/Consultant with Brain Gym Australia you can list yourself and your courses on the Brain Gym Australia website.

2019 DATES

1. 1-4 October in Bateman’s Bay NSW

2. Please send Julie an email if you are interested in attending a Practicum in January 2020.

FEES: EARLYBIRD $840 if paid in full one month before course starts

            FULL FEE: $880 

           REVIEW $480


  • Brain Gym 101
  • Brain Gym 101 Case Studies
  • Brain Gym 101 Review
  • OBO
  • An Elective Edu-K Foundation Course
  • Kinesiology Based Anatomy and Physiology Course
  • Edu-K In Depth Course and Case Studies

ACCREDITED: The Brain Gym Teacher Practicum is accredited with Brain Gym International, Brain Gym Australia and the Australian Kinesiology Association. If repeated it will give you 32credits towards relicensure.

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