March 17, 2015

EDU-K IN DEPTH – a Level 300 Course – pre-requisite BG101


Edu-K In Depth – Seven Dimensions of Intelligence is a five-day (40-hour) training that builds from Brain Gym 101. The course gives practitioner skills for clinical application. Edu-K In Depth is a required course in the Professional Training track to become a qualified Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant

Increase your understanding of Laterality, Centering and Focus Dimensions and learn FOUR new Dimensions

  1. Motivation Dimension – the hidden agendas for failure
  2. Cranial Dimension – the understanding of cranial movement and its relationship to learning and expression.
  3. Breathing Dimension– change the breath-holding reflex to breathing that supports learning and growing.
  4. Body Regulator Dimension– Our self-management ability to know what to keep and what to let go of physically, mentally, emotionally


The In Depth Menu expands from the Brain Gym® Movement Menu to four categories called Realms: Structure; Ecology; Emotional and Acu-Energy.

Learn techniques in each of the Realms to add to your toolkit.

Learn how to apply the In Depth for children.


1. 1,2,16,29,30 JUNE

2. 13-17 JULY – Bateman’s Bay NSW

3. 2,3,9,10,17 NOVEMBER

PRE-REQUISITES: Brain Gym® 101 and 4 Case Studies

FEES: EARLYBIRD $840 if paid in full one month before course starts

           FULL FEE $880

           REVIEW $480

ACCREDITED:  with Breakthroughs International (Brain Gym International) and Brain Gym®  Australia. The Australian Kinesiology Association. 32 credits if reviewing the course for relicensure with BGA or BI


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